Seasoned: to give a certain character to; to mature, ripen or condition by exposure to certain conditions; to accustom.

My name is Callum Saunders and this is an evergreen and evolving nature journal, from a soul that continues to be seasoned by a passion for the outdoors, and everything in it.

From my humble garden in the Peak District, to open expanses of English countryside, this is a place in which I want to share my experiences of the natural world and the old ways, all interspersed with practical tips, successes and failures from an everyday amateur gardener.

Planting, prose and photography: these are my creative field notes from the garden and beyond.

A seasoned soul is not just the name of this site: it’s something I vehemently believe is accessible to – and benefits – everyone.

If you have ever felt the same feelings stir within you, I hope you will join me on this journey, and share the joys of a seasoned soul.