Ness: a haunting journey into landscape

To ‘review’ Ness for other readers feels almost counter-intuitive to the unnerving beauty of Macfarlane and Donwood’s creation: a piece of art that is enchanting, alluring and deeply captivating; a personal and intimate experience between writer, artist and reader. Inspired by the bleak and ghostly shingle spit of Orford Ness, off the Suffolk coast, Ness… Continue reading Ness: a haunting journey into landscape

Community & Connection: Shared Moments of Meaning

It’s fair to say that humans are constantly searching for meaning.  Some look for it in possessions, material objects, status; others in jobs, careers, relationships.  But there’s a growing number of us seeking out meaning in the everyday and the everyday world around us.  And on a balmy October Saturday in Nottingham, I found a… Continue reading Community & Connection: Shared Moments of Meaning

Conkers, Fatherhood and a Speckled Wood

Over at Creative Countryside, we all subscribe to the notion of living more slowly and in harmony with the seasons. And perhaps nothing encapsulates this more than gathering conkers in the autumn. This past week has been heavy, grey and atmospheric. Leaden skies of slate grey have set in with a resolute stoicism matched only… Continue reading Conkers, Fatherhood and a Speckled Wood

Falling twigs and golden light: field notes from the garden, 20-22.04.18

I sit at the end of the garden and bask in the early hours of the day, alive with a frenetic energy, yet simultaneously calming.  The cool breeze is respite for the soul, as well as the body, and I embrace and enjoy the cool sensation of the early morning air across my arms and… Continue reading Falling twigs and golden light: field notes from the garden, 20-22.04.18